We Lift others up here

“He sought to lift people up!”

I’ve told my children that this is one of the many statements I want written on my tombstone. They learnt from a very young age that if you want to get under Dad’s skin, put someone down.

If the taunt was directed at the persons character, such as “you’re dumb” or “you’re lazy” or something observable like “you’re fat” or “you walk like a duck”, then God had to hold me back.

If the teasing was directed more at the behaviour, “that’s dumb” or “that’s laziness”, then the archangel Michael would suffice in restraining me.

Even in jest, I hate hearing someone being ridiculed.

“Hey man, were your eyes open when you did your hair this morning?”

“You throw like my grandmother!”

“Didn’t your mother teach you anything.”

Ugh! The sad thing is I catch myself doing it too. Just recently we were at a local restaurant, and my 16 year old son was cutting into his meal and was holding the fork ‘wrong’. I commented on that and then followed my quip with a jokeful, “Didn’t you teach him how to hold a knife and fork?”

My wife didn’t really find that amusing and why should she. It wasn’t funny and I shouldn’t have said it. It goes against what I believe is the way we should interact with one another.

Mark Twain said, “I can live for two for 2 months on a good compliment.” He understood the value of a kind word.

Proverbs 16:24 says, “pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul, and health to the bones.” Who’s going to argue with God.

Words do hurt. Let’s choose ours wisely, so that others feel better about themselves having come in contact with us.



13 thoughts on “We Lift others up here

  1. I appreciate your honesty. In admitting that you, like the rest of us, do this as well. It sadly has become part of our society to make such jokes. Something we all need to work on

    1. Thanks Tim. No-one is innocent of mocking others. I believe some do it because of insecurity. They lift themselves up by putting others down. Sad.

  2. I was raised in a household where making fun and insulting each other was allowed. It always started out as fun but quickly turned. Now we don’t speak to each other at all.

  3. Great write dad! And you’ll be happy to know that your teachings are definitely being put into practice, even my friends around me are starting to be more concious about how the words they speak affect others. Love it 🙂

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