Life Hierarchy!

As I was attempting to swat a fly away at work, a customer told me that her 3 year old son recently told his older brother that a fly is God’s creation and He would be very upset if he killed it. Out of the mouth of babes.

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Animal Hierarchy

God may get upset at the death of a fly, but no human would. Flies are like rats and if you see one, there are others nearby. Their demise must be seen to immediately. Cockroaches, mosquitoes, spiders, centipedes, ants-I think you get the idea-are all vermin that need to be extinguished.

But not dogs. This is an animal that has reached human status. I once asked someone that if their Mom or their dog was drowning, and they could only save one, which one would they save. They hesitated.

Car windows have been smashed to save them, perpetrators punched for such an injustice as leaving their dog in a hot car, people have been fined or even jailed for cruelty or neglect.

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And rightfully so. The punishments fit the crime. Actually maybe not the punch. But what would you do if you saw a cockroach suffering in a smouldering car? Smash the window? Hahahahahahahahahaha. Not a chance. You might look surprised to see one in the car, but you would continue on your merry way. You might even look in and scream, “burn baby burn!!” Oh how the cockroach wished it had equal rank in the eyes of humanity as its canine friends.

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It would have to leapfrog thousands of animal species to get there.

Dog–>Cat–>Horse–>Baby Seal–>……–>farm animals–>birds–>marine life–>wild animals(lion, giraffe,rhino etc)–>large pests(raccoons,skunks etc)–>………–>spider–>tick–>fly–>cockroach.

Of course the hierarchy list is debatable and even within species there are differences. You would more likely be vilified if you killed a peacock or penguin than a crow or robin, or if you killed a dolphin than a pike. But I think you get what I’m trying to depict with the hierarchy list.

That the Dog is at the top of the list is without question. Fido is a member of the family. He has equal standing with Sarah and Noah, and finances are not withheld to see to his wellbeing. It sometimes reaches ridiculous proportions where extravagant birthday parties are held, vacations taken, hotels stayed at, clothing adorned, crowns worn and on and on and on.

It really gets under my thin skin. “It’s a dog!!” Look, I agree it is part of the family in the sense it has to be taken care of like a child, taken for walks, car rides, comforts you when you’re sad, picks you up when you’re down, and loves you unconditionally. The death of a dog can be one of the saddest moments in ones life. I get it. But, all things being good, it can’t be as sad as the loss of your grandmother, your mom, your dad, your brother or sister, your best friend, or any other good human relationship.
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A human life is worth more than a dogs life, just like a dogs life is worth more than a cockroaches or a fly’s. I want you to do something for me. Imagine your dog that you love so much.


Now imagine loving the fly you just swatted or the tick you crushed the same way. Can’t do it? Why? You think the tick didn’t feel any pain? You think that’s fake blood under your shoe? They have feelings too. How do I know? They scurry away when they see you, implying fear or survival instinct. But who cares about the feelings of a tick? Nooooobody!

Okay, I’m done. All I’m saying is way more valuable than any other life. Nothing is close. To think so is madness.

Don’t hate me dog lovers. You know I love your dogs. I just love you more.




2 thoughts on “Life Hierarchy!

  1. I agree. It’s JUST a dog. If you think anything else, what are you doing? No torcherous cruelty should purposely come to dogs, and maybe it could be the same as raising cows. We could raise dogs and then when it’s time, throw them on the barbeque.

  2. Haha I don’t know about putting dogs on barbecues but I don’t love my dog as much as I love my husband or my mom and dad for sure. I do love my dog more than I thought I would before I got one! They do become a member of the family! But again. Love my human fam more. There are some crazy dog people out there.

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