Happy New Year y’all

2017 is here. Many of us are foolish enough to make resolutions. I am one of those fools. I do it every year. I fall short every year.

Why I don’t resolve to achieve goals in May or August, I don’t know. This New Years resolution thing is a trap I always fall into.

The last 2 years I have had two goals: to lose weight and to have my first book published. I have the same goals this year.

Weight Loss.                                                                                                                                                            Many people go for this one. Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig and those like them have commercials bombarding the airwaves wanting to capitalize on our self image issues. At work, we have a Biggest Loser contest that I take part in every year. It runs anywhere from 8-12 weeks. Every year I resolve not to compete the following year because I will keep the weight off or continue to lose after the contest is over. Guess who’s competing this year?

I do well in the contest losing about 20lbs every year. I feel good and healthy. But I’ve come to realize that being healthy is not what drives me. It’s the competition. I want to win. Once it’s over, I resort back to old habits of chocolate, peanuts and couch warming. This year will be different. 

Getting Published.                                                                                                                                                   I like to write. I’ve written many short stories and entered a few contests. I’ve sent some of my stuff into magazines and received rejection letters. I prefer writing short stories because I usually have the whole story in my head and just have to write it down. I’ve already thought about it fully before I put pen to paper. Or fingers to keyboard.                        

I also have two novels on the go. One has been 4 years in the writing, the other 2 years. I think the stories are good, but novels are frustrating. I don’t know where the story is going. Sometimes I have a beginning and end with no middle. Other times just a beginning or just an end. Either way, when I sit down to write, it sometimes takes an hour to write 1 page. Frustrating!

This year will be different.                                                                                                                               I have repented. I have changed my mind. I have changed the way I think. The Biggest Loser is not mostly about winning but a launching off point for better living. Do I want to win? Yes but that will be a by-product of my thinking not the focus.

I will focus on one book to complete and I’ve chosen the 2 year old one. It’s a work of fiction based in modern time so I think it will be easier. The other novel is set in early biblical era, just after creation, so it requires a little more thought in terms of setting, descriptions, diction and so on.

So wish me God’s blessing. Send me words of encouragement. Keep me accountable. Cheer-lead me. I need it.



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  1. I hear in martial arts when you are about to punch through the 12 inch thick brick you first have to visualize your fist going through the brick and truely believe you can do it. Then just do it. I believe if you want something bad enough you’ll get it. I believe in you, but do you believe?

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