Are They Friendly? 3 Ways to Tell.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and your spouse just told you they love you. What a great start to your day. You decide to go for a walk to take in the neighbourhood smells, the crisp clean air,the freshly mowed grass, and the slight whiff letting you know a skunk visited nearby.

Surely everyone feels the same way you do. Surely everyone is in a good mood, full of joy and a bounce in their step. Surely the person coming toward you as you stroll along the sidewalk is as happy as you are. You wear your biggest smile and in a friendly tone you say,


A simple greeting. One word that doesn’t demand much. Just a response in kind. But instead you get a slight spread of the mouth, a blank stare, and a grunt.

unfriendly dog
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What?!! Really?! On a day like this, you choose to be unfriendly?!This has happened to me many times and I’m sure I’m not alone. It really gets under my thin skin.There are many cues that indicate that someone is unfriendly.

  • Nonresponsive.
  • Arms folded.
  • Frowning.

Yes, that person may just be having a bad day but as I’ve said on a previous post, you still have the choice not to be rude.

There are 3 ways to instantly tell if someone is friendly and 3 ways to be friendly.

  1. Smile. This is the easiest and most obvious way. The best smiles are broad and crease the eyes. They don’t necessarily have to show teeth, but that helps depending on the teeth.
  2. Open Posture. Arms are not crossed. This shows that one is approachable and feels safe. This posture also demands that the person face you and that eye contact is relaxed and prolonged.
  3. Words. You know those people you love to be around because they are positive, inspiring, and/or uplifting. They have a great attitude. Well, with someone you just met, it’s all in how they say “How are you doing?” or how they respond to your greeting. Show genuine interest in someone else with words like “Really?” or “What’s that like?” Asking questions shows that you value what someone is saying and you want to hear more.

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Someone said, “If you want a friend, be a friend.” It really is easy. Being friendly should be something we should all aspire to, with anyone we meet.


4 thoughts on “Are They Friendly? 3 Ways to Tell.

  1. Why is it when people go to their cottages they become friendly and when they return to the city them become grouchy again? Could it be because people are not happy? Try smiling at yourself whenever you look at yourself in a mirror. This will make you a happy person.

    1. ‘Try smiling at yourself whenever you look at yourself in a mirror. This will make you a happy person.’

      I tried it. It works. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Yuyo
    We should try looking for peoples Halos.
    People of virtue have them in varying degrees.
    They increase in size & brightness as they accomplish more good in life.

    Pay it forward. For example, I had a guy with a halo stop his car at the parking lot toll booth today on his way out & offer me (a senior) his ticket for the rest of the day.

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