Monthly Archives: January 2018

Guess What? I’m Growing Old.

You know what? I don’t mind that I’m growing old. I don’t even mind that I’m going to die. I know where I’m going and I’m good with that.Photo Credit: rhinegold Flickr via Compfight cc

What I do mind, what gets under my thin skin, is the effects of growing old.

Here’s what I’ve noticed.

  1. I don’t leap out of bed, I roll out. Slowly.
  2. When I shave I see hairs protruding out of my nostrils.
  3. My steps down the stairs are more deliberate and purposeful. The non-looking 1 second dash is long gone. My knees are thankful for that.
  4. My son started working out and in 4 months he was jacked. I started working out and in 4 months I still had to tell you that I was working out.
  5. I used to be able to watch tv, read a book, and listen to my wife simultaneously without difficulty. Now I have to give my wife my full, undivided attention.
  6. i can’t spring up from a squat anymore. My knees click and beg me not to do it again as I labour to the upright position.
  7. My memory? My goodness!
  8. My ear lobes are hanging a little lower.
  9. I look like my Dad. We actually could be twins.

I could go on but my fingers are starting to stiffen.

Someone said “you’re not old until your dreams become regrets.” My Mom used to say “you know you’re old when your doctor or priest is younger than you.”

Like I said, I don’t mind getting old. But is it too much to ask to be 51 years old with my 21 year old body and mind.