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Have a Good Day

You’re having a good day. Maybe even a great day. You woke up refreshed, had a delicious breakfast, went to school or work and everything was going well. You received 100% on a test or was awarded a major contract or won a big case.

You can do no wrong. Everything you touch turns to gold. You’re so happy

Then something happens. One event. A customer yells at you, a driver cuts you off, someone calls you an idiot, another eats your lunch.

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What do you do?

For the majority of us, it would ruin our day. That one event would counter twenty good things that happened that day.

Make no mistake. It’s our fault. To allow anyone to affect our joy is a travesty. We have control of how we react to anyone getting in our face or space. Why we let one crummy episode upset us, especially when the rest of our day was favourable, is a mystery to me.

Now I’m not talking about the initial reaction to any negative stimulus. We have reactions based on our personality. Fight, Flight, Freeze, etc. That’s all natural and can change the more experience we get dealing with other human beings. I’m talking about when the initial effects have worn off and we have had time to contemplate what happened.

Unfortunately the reverse is not always true. Someone scratches your car, they mess up your coffee order, a car drives through a puddle and soaks you, a customer calls you an idiot, and so on. It’s a bad day.

In the midst of these unfortunate events, you get a raise, or receive an awesome compliment, or are given your favourite meal, or whatever good or enjoyable episode happens. Do these favourable events turn around our day?

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Not really. For a good event to positively impact an otherwise bad day, the event would have to be extraordinary like your girlfriend said yes, or you’re drafted in the NHL, or you won the lottery. You get the idea.

For the Christian, the joy one feels is independent of circumstances. Their joy comes from knowing who they are in the Lord. Knowing that you the child of the Almighty creator is enough to make anyone joyful. That’s not to say that we don’t get down, upset, angry, whatever. It does mean that those emotions are temporary. The joy of the Lord is our strength.

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We run into all types of people everyday and in doing that some will rub us the wrong way. Let’s not let them ruin our day. We don’t have to.

Respect: Given or Earned

When it comes to respect, I believe we fall into two camps. Those who give it right away and those who say you have to earn it.

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I’ll explain. First a definition.

From Websters: RESPECT: To view or consider with some degree of reverence; to esteem as possessed of real worth.

With this definition in mind, I believe the first camp is the correct camp. Everyone is to be respected upon first meeting because they possess real worth. Why? Because they are made in the image of God.

God considers everyone valuable that He sent His Son to die for all of us. If God considers us worthy, why wouldn’t we?

For those of us in the second camp, which is the majority, where people have to earn our respect, I believe we think more highly of ourselves than we ought to. Why should people have to earn our respect? Are we better than they? More worthy?

It’s easy enough to lose respect for someone. Let’s not make respecting someone so difficult. Just do it!