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5 Traffic Peeves

I’m a pretty calm guy. Not much gets under my thin skin. That probably surprises some of you who know me through this blog.

The truth is just because I’m calm, it doesn’t mean I’m not annoyed. That’s one of many differences between my wife and me.  When she is annoyed, you will know it. I’m talking to you, driver in the other car who cut her off. That’s her horn you’re hearing.

Cutting me off annoys me too, but I’m unlikely to blast my horn. There are 5 traffic indiscretions that bother me. Here they are in no particular order.

Photo Credit: Road Warrior Project Flickr via Compfight cc 26341496904_d57eee7bc3_o

Failure to Indicate.

I believe this one gets a unanimous vote. I bet if you ask someone who doesn’t indicate, they would cite this one as their peeve. ‘Before you brake, Indicate.’ It’s so simple. They should take demerit points for this one.
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Fast lane Thieves.   

Please, please, please, if you’re going to crawl, get out of my way. I’m busy! I’m in a hurry! I don’t like thinking it would be faster to get out of my car and walk.


Get off my butt. If you want to get by me, you’re probably going too fast. This is not the autobahn.

Photo Credit: trethurffe2001 Flickr via Compfight cc Some VW Sirrocos and Golfs mix it in the wet during Qualifying for the VAG Trophy at Oulton Park on a very wet Monday 28th March 2016 during the Easter Monday Funday 'Eggstavaganza'! In front is Didge Dziurzynski in his 2 litre Sirroco

Lane Hogs.

When I’m coming up the on-ramp, ready to merge into traffic, I need you to move over. As I speed up, the ramp is quickly coming to an end and I want in. Don’t they teach moving into left lane, to let the ramp car in any more.

Mistimed entrances


I’m driving down a street and spot a car waiting to enter the road I’m on. I get closer, sure that the car will wait for me to drive by before entering the street. But no!! He or she decides to go, turning right in front of me. Not only that, they crawl. If you’re going to cut in front of me(ahem) please speed up. I don’t want to have to brake.

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Please keep me calm. I don’t want to go Terminator on anyone. It’s not my style. I just want to get to where I’m going. Okay. Please.