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Happiness. Can You Choose It?

I had a discussion with a friend regarding someone he knew. He made the statement that he felt that someone he knows would be happier if she had had a sex change.

Now this blog post is not about the merits of having a sex change . This is about whether or not you can choose to be happy or is it something that just happens to you.






Photo Credit: mikecogh via Compfight cc

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One Potential Conversation Spoiler

I hate it when I do what gets under my thin skin.

Case in point. A customer came in to see me and was asking me a question about a particular product. She said something like, “I’d like to know what the price is of your…..” This is where she stumbled. The word wasn’t coming out. She knew what she wanted to say. I could see it on the tip of her tongue. I so badly wanted to help her, but I also wanted her to get it.

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