Yes, you do have a choice.

Posted by Vuyo on April 7, 2016
Category: Under My Thin Skin blog
Remember this. Brian Mulroney went on to win the election as the 18th Prime Minister of Canada and I wouldn't be surprised if John Turner still has nightmares about that debate performance. That clip gets played during every election cycle and is probably beingĀ used in every political science programme as a teachable moment. (more…)


Posted by Vuyo on April 1, 2016
Category: Under My Thin Skin blog
Look at them. Don't they look great. Our three kids, all grown up, married, finishing school, starting new lives. They are well raised, don't do drugs, never went to jail, and they love Jesus. They never gave us any trouble at all. They are perfect. (more…)

We Lift others up here

Posted by Vuyo on March 29, 2016
Category: Under My Thin Skin blog
"He sought to lift people up!" I've told my children that this is one of the many statements I want written on my tombstone. They learnt from a very young age that if you want to get under Dad's skin, put someone down. If the taunt was directed at the persons character, such as "you're dumb" or "you're lazy" or something observable like "you're fat" or "you walk like a duck", then God had to

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