Check out this story. This is political correctness run amok. Just in case you didn't see my picture, I'm black. There is no way any black person would have found that job ad offensive. It was clearly tongue-in-cheek. To fire the guy and close the restaurant for a while was serious overkill. If I was a lawyer, and he wanted to sue, I would take his case pro bono. Photo Credit: dylan.unknown5150 Flickr via Compfight

Happy New Year y’all

Posted by Vuyo on January 5, 2017
Category: Under My Thin Skin blog
2017 is here. Many of us are foolish enough to make resolutions. I am one of those fools. I do it every year. I fall short every year. Why I don't resolve to achieve goals in May or August, I don't know. This New Years resolution thing is a trap I always fall into. (more…)

THe Problem of Evil

Posted by Vuyo on December 4, 2016
Category: Under My Thin Skin blog
I recently read two stories that had me thinking about the depravity of man. You can read them here and here. Yes , it is true that stories like these are unfortunately common place. Humanity continues to inflict harm on itself and other forms of life, and seeing it more on the news, in movies, wherever, doesn't make us do it less. You would think that maybe seeing it would disgust us so much that

5 Traffic Peeves

Posted by Vuyo on November 1, 2016
Category: Under My Thin Skin blog
I'm a pretty calm guy. Not much gets under my thin skin. That probably surprises some of you who know me through this blog. The truth is just because I'm calm, it doesn't mean I'm not annoyed. That's one of many differences between my wife and me.  When she is annoyed, you will know it. I'm talking to you, driver in the other car who cut her off. That's her horn you're hearing. Cutting me

Life Hierarchy!

Posted by Vuyo on October 12, 2016
Category: Under My Thin Skin blog
As I was attempting to swat a fly away at work, a customer told me that her 3 year old son recently told his older brother that a fly is God's creation and He would be very upset if he killed it. Out of the mouth of babes. Photo Credit: Buckobeck Flickr via Compfight cc Animal Hierarchy God may get upset at the death of a fly, but no human would. Flies are like rats

The Golden Years??

Posted by Vuyo on August 27, 2016
Category: Under My Thin Skin blog
My mind used to be reliable. If I needed a phone number, no problem. Remembering a memory verse was a breeze. The information stored within was not only easily accessible, I could retrieve it and regurgitate it, word for word, number for number. This is now no longer the case. (more…)

Ironman a black woman?

Posted by Vuyo on August 4, 2016
Category: Under My Thin Skin blog
I saw this headline on Exclusive: Marvel’s New Iron Man Is a Black Woman. The headline shocked me. How far do we have to go to make white, fictional figures, heroes or heroines or otherwise, black? In this case we're also making a gender change. Seriously!! (more…)

Gender Roles

Posted by Vuyo on July 4, 2016
Category: Under My Thin Skin blog
I did something the other day that I swore I would never do again. About fifteen years ago, while working at an optical company, I was helping a couple purchase glasses. For some reason, the wife's place of work came up and she told me she worked at a dentists office. "Are you a dental hygienist?" I asked. "No," she responded, but she gave me nothing more. (more…)
There are many reasons cited as to why one rejects Christianity. Religion is responsible for many wars. There is no god. Science explains everything. There's no proof that Jesus ever existed. If God is loving, why is there so much suffering in the world? The above list is just a sample. There is one reason given that is quite common and also quite wrong. People say that the church is full of hypocrites.  Does the church
We are going to get along fine if you keep these words or phrases out of you vocabulary when conversing with me. (more…)

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