Life Hierarchy!

Posted by Vuyo   on October 12, 2016
Category :Under My Thin Skin blog
As I was attempting to swat a fly away at work, a customer told me that her 3 year old son recently told his older brother that a fly is God’s creation and He would be very upset if he killed it. Out of the mouth of babes. Photo Credit: Buckobeck Flickr via Compfight cc Animal Hierarchy God may get upset at the death of a fly, but no human would. Flies are like ratsRead More

The Golden Years??

Posted by Vuyo   on August 27, 2016
Category :Under My Thin Skin blog
My mind used to be reliable. If I needed a phone number, no problem. Remembering a memory verse was a breeze. The information stored within was not only easily accessible, I could retrieve it and regurgitate it, word for word, number for number. This is now no longer the case.Read More

Ironman a black woman?

Posted by Vuyo   on August 4, 2016
Category :Under My Thin Skin blog
I saw this headline on Exclusive: Marvel’s New Iron Man Is a Black Woman. The headline shocked me. How far do we have to go to make white, fictional figures, heroes or heroines or otherwise, black? In this case we’re also making a gender change. Seriously!!Read More

Gender Roles

Posted by Vuyo   on July 4, 2016
Category :Under My Thin Skin blog
I did something the other day that I swore I would never do again. About fifteen years ago, while working at an optical company, I was helping a couple purchase glasses. For some reason, the wife’s place of work came up and she told me she worked at a dentists office. “Are you a dental hygienist?” I asked. “No,” she responded, but she gave me nothing more.Read More
There are many reasons cited as to why one rejects Christianity. Religion is responsible for many wars. There is no god. Science explains everything. There’s no proof that Jesus ever existed. If God is loving, why is there so much suffering in the world? The above list is just a sample. There is one reason given that is quite common and also quite wrong. People say that the church is full of hypocrites.  Does the churchRead More
We are going to get along fine if you keep these words or phrases out of you vocabulary when conversing with me.Read More
I had a discussion with a friend regarding someone he knew. He made the statement that he felt that someone he knows would be happier if she had had a sex change. Now this blog post is not about the merits of having a sex change . This is about whether or not you can choose to be happy or is it something that just happens to you.         Photo Credit: mikecogh via Compfight ccRead More

Are They Friendly? 3 Ways to Tell.

Posted by Vuyo   on April 19, 2016
Category :Under My Thin Skin blog
The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and your spouse just told you they love you. What a great start to your day. You decide to go for a walk to take in the neighbourhood smells, the crisp clean air,the freshly mowed grass, and the slight whiff letting you know a skunk visited nearby.Read More
I hate it when I do what gets under my thin skin. Case in point. A customer came in to see me and was asking me a question about a particular product. She said something like, “I’d like to know what the price is of your…..” This is where she stumbled. The word wasn’t coming out. She knew what she wanted to say. I could see it on the tip of her tongue. I soRead More

Yes, you do have a choice.

Posted by Vuyo   on April 7, 2016
Category :Under My Thin Skin blog
Remember this. Brian Mulroney went on to win the election as the 18th Prime Minister of Canada and I wouldn’t be surprised if John Turner still has nightmares about that debate performance. That clip gets played during every election cycle and is probably being used in every political science programme as a teachable moment.Read More

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